Satisfied Canadian Clients

Graeme Poole, Physiotherapist, Vancouver Whitecaps

I have been using the bodymetrix system since 2012. I have used it as a tool in anthropometric screening, as well as monitoring post-injury. I am excited to explore it’s capability in measuring specific muscle groups and ratios within them, as a tool in rehab/return to play . The usability of the program has been great! I also find the Tracking features very helpful.


Sam Gibbs MSc, CAT(C), MT, DOMP

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Athletic Therapist
Massage Therapist
Integrated Support Team (IST) Lead
Head Therapist - Canadian Men's National Basketball Program

The BodyMetrix Ultrasound System offers a great option in cataloguing the composition of our athletes.

Tissue visualization is not only objectively helpful for anthropometric measure, but can be a great teaching tool, and vastly improve program compliance.

Athletes get it! I think we’ve only scratched the surface on its application….



Mark Anderson, CSCS, ISSA, PTS

Conditioning Coach, Sarnia Sting Hockey Club
Junior 'A' Ontario Hockey League

Regarding the Body Metrix, I purchased the Body Metrix after seeing it in action at the OHL Combine in Oshawa, for me the machine has been incredible! Very accurate and the reports you get are very thorough. I started using the machine about 3 days after I received it, 3 months later its paid for it self! I put through 40 players at my mini camp in just over an hour! Awesome!

Kevin Chapman Kinesiology
Strength And Conditioning Coach
Junior 'A' Oshawa Generals Hockey Club
Head Strength Coach
Elite Training Systems
Whitby, Ontario

I have been using the BodyMetrix system for six months now and I find it to be very efficient and resourceful. Since I have started to use the BodyMetrix system I have been able to keep a detailed and up to date database for all of my clients and athletes. The BodyMetrix technology is simple to use once you are trained on it and it eliminates spreadsheets. The measurements and results that this system produces are extremely accurate and it gives you the ability to print or email detailed anthropometrics to your clients. Mike and his staff have been more than accommodating with providing interactive training sessions and customer support. I recommend this tool for any fitness professional who is serious about tracking their clients results.

Josh Gillingham

Elite Cycling Team Member
ISCorp Cycling Team

I've been using the body metric system as a compliment to my training for the 2012 cycling season. Knowing what body fat% levels are optimum in my profession and then having a tool like the BodyMetrix that accurately reflects body fat%, makes it so much more effective than simply standing on a scale. Even more specific, the Bodymetrix can show me various muscle and fat density levels in my body, which allows me to work on better muscular balance – this not something one can do with a pair of calipers! I recently competed in the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas. I never thought I'd be able to climb like I am able to now. Using the BodyMetrix system has opened up the door to so many more winning opportunities that I never thought possible.

Joey de Los Reyes

Kombat Arts Training Academy
Toronto, Ontario

I was introduced to the Body Metrix system from one of my associates, and I had to have one for myself and my students. In my limited time using this tool, I have found it to be very easy to use, and extremely Helpful for my students to reach their goals. What's even more impressive then the Body Metrix system, is the continuing education support that I have received from Mike Kelly ( Again, if you are looking to offer your Clients the best tool for getting their body comp, then you should really consider the Body Metrix system.

Athanasio Destounis M.Sc

Physiologiste du sport
Université du Québec à Montréal

Very easy to use. Using the body metrics has been great for us thus far. Its very easy to use, saves a lot of time and helps our program track 120+ athlètes during off season training. Our staff, customers and athletes love the instant feedback. I would like to add that its a great way to give our athletes short term objectives.

Kayleigh Beaudry, BSc. Aysha Thomas, BSc. MSc Candidates

Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle improvement laboratory
Brock University

For the past year, our team has been using the BodyMetrix device in a research study examining weight gain. As our study requires a large sample population, it was important for us to find a quick and easy way to measure body composition. The BodyMetrix device is user-friendly and provides measures of body composition within minutes. The device is non-invasive and has a visual display, allowing participants to feel comfortable and follow along with the test. We would recommend this device to researchers, fitness professionals and interested individuals alike

Trevor Coombs

Precision Fitness Training
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Registered Nutritionist, Certfied Personal Trainer
Licensed Accupuncturist

I have been using the Body Metrix for a few years and I am extremely impressed with the product. I have now done hundreds of scans and it is very reliable and accurate. The Body Metrix software was very easy to undertand and its clear and concise. The information gathered provides you with valuable data to track progress and allow my clients to monitor goals. Lastly I must say that the staff at IntelaMetrix have always been very helpful with training and are quick to answer any questions if they arise. Very Impressesed!

Louisa Nedkov

Project Manager
Pathways to Change
Halton Healthcare Services

We used the BodyMetrix Ultrasound system for a nine-month lifestyle transformation program geared primarily towards individuals living with diabetes. We were extremely impressed with how easy it was to operate this machine, the kind of statistics it was able to provide, and how non-invasive it was for the participant.

We would definitely recommend this machine to any organization requiring this kind of data for their health and fitness programs.

Nicolas Blanchette Kinesiology and D.O osteopath
Quebec, Canada

After experimenting with the Intelametrix's BodyMetrix, I have found my tracking of patient body composition progression to be far more precise and reliable. I really appreciate the fact that it is accurate even with patients with higher bodyfat. For them, it's really helpful to have an additional marker of their progress. Another good point is that the device is portable and very easy to move since it is USB plugged in any laptop/computer.

WeMeanFitness was very professional in their delivery and support of the product. I recommend working with them without a doubt.

Dr. Lisa Keen, ND

Calgary, AB

Purchasing the Professional BodyMetrix system for my practice has given me a cutting edge advantage to help patients set tangible goals for their health and well-being. My buying experience was extremely positive and the support for using the system has been great. The system itself is easy to use and provides immediate test results for the patient. I look forward to using the BodyMetrix in my practice for years to come

Dave Nelson

Partner - Inside U Health
Woodstock, ON

I have been using the BodyMetrix for almost a year now and I am delighted with the results and level of precision I can get with my clients. The best tool is the 2D cross section I take of my clients abdominal wall which details their subcutaneous fat. I can track their progress in getting rid of that unwanted bad adipose fat and we have thrown the weigh scale 'out the window' since it is not a good indicator of health status anyways. Every person should be having an ultrasound done for their body composition. The BodyMetrix is truly a brilliant product.


Tommy Europe

TV Fitness Celebrity Trainer

I’ve had the pleasure of using the BodyMetrix system for a few months now, and I can honestly say that it’s a tool that fitness professionals should add to their toolbox. My clients like the fact that I can give them an accurate reading of their body fat, along with muscle density. The system detects imbalances, which then makes my job a lot easier when it comes to corrective exercises.


Greg Hetherington | Founder

Toronto, ON

The Body Metrix has been an invaluable tool for measuring our member’s progress and holding them accountable. It’s accuracy, ease of use and intuitive software make it my favourite measuring device on the market; especially compared to callipers and bioelectrical impedance. It’s value added to our services and gives us a competitive edge in the market.

Jesse Benson

Founder of Fit in 30
Vancouver, BC

The body scan assessments are a great add on service to bring into your business. We have done 500 assessments with our members over the last 5 years and it has brought in additional revenue of $40K. Your clients will love that the assessment not only gives them a detailed understanding of where they are at, but with the activity calculator it also gives them a clear understanding of what they need to change in their lifestyle in order change all the numbers in their assessment. If you see value in teaching your clients, then the Body Metrix system is the perfect tool for you!

Paul Skuza

Health, Fitness, and Recreation Programs Specialist
YMCA of Greater Toronto - Central Branch

Our Health and Fitness staff was excited at the arrival of the BodyMetrix system as we knew it would be a much more advanced way to check body fat and body composition than the hand held measurement device we were currently using. Although we thought it may have been a complicated procedure due to the "high-tech" nature of the device, we were quick to discover that is was actually very user friendly. After reviewing the manual and procedure and running a few practice trials with our staff, we felt very comfortable and confident in performing the procedure on actual members/clients in our facility.

It was great to see that BodyMetrix is able to analyze muscle density and also give a much more accurate body fat percentage reading than other techniques used in the past. People with large and lean muscle were continually coming to us for measurements regarding their body fat and BMI and getting frustrated at their skewed performance results. We know have a great system with BodyMetrix where a person's height will no longer negatively affect their performance scores. Other tools the device provides such as the Base Metabolic Rate are also extremely helpful in discussing caloric intake/burn with clients which allows us to better prepare them with a nutrition plan.

We charge a reasonable price of $35 for one trial with BodyMetrix, or a package of 3 trials for $75. Clients who sign up for the system are making a wise investment in themselves as they will receive top of the line analysis results which can help them build a more efficient workout plan for the future!

We look forward to seeing new members progress in the future with the help of BodyMetrix!

I. Bugarinovic

Vancouver, BC

Mike Kelly of We Mean Fitness has provided me with what is unquestionably the best customer service that I have ever experienced upon purchasing a product. He patiently answered all of my questions regarding the techniques and accuracy.

I am extremely satisfied as a trainer to have a tool to measure REAL progress of myself and my clients a tool that combined with scale weight gives a true picture of what's going on with my clients' body composition as their weight goes up or down. People are often concerned to be losing muscle while on a fat reduction program, or gaining fat while trying to gain muscle. Bodymetrix allows me to say with confidence how much of the weight change was fat and how much was muscle.

I would also add to say that a warranty issue with the unit was resolved quickly and at no cost to myself. It took less than a week for me to receive the unit back in perfect condition, good as new! Mike Kelly and WeMeanFitness, and also Bodymetrix were extremely fast and professional in getting the repair done and making me able to continue providing this service to my clients.

Thank you Mike Kelly and Bodymetrix for amazing customer service and this amazingly accurate device, that I would recommend to all my fellow trainers who are trying to provide a TRUE measurement of progress to their clients!

Thomas Dzuba

Ottawa, Ontario

I recently purchased a (Personal Model) Intelametrix BodyMetrix through (We Mean Fitness, Inc.). All email correspondence was quick and professional with Mike guiding me through the buying process. The BodyMetrix is an incredibly easy tool to use. Set up was simple: Download the software from the company's web site, install it, plug the handset into your computer's USB port and you're ready to begin measuring. Intelametrix provides accurate and useful videos for the first-time user; Mike also followed up after the purchase to check if I had any questions. Measurement using a 3-point algorithm takes only five minutes, and appears to be very accurate. Simple yet powerful; the BodyMetrix is a well-designed and useful tool to assist in your body composition analysis goals.

Shawn Ramsey

Alymer, Ontario

With the (Personal) BodyMetrix I know exactly if my training is resulting in muscle gain or fat loss. No more relying on unpredictable scales or error prone measuring tapes. The BodyMetrix allows me to see inside and determine muscle thickness and growth over time. I like to have reliable solid data about my body composition changes and the BodyMetrix allows me to get that without compromise.